Saturday, October 28, 2006


well placed light leaks in this Holga shot of Alex taken in the Decordova Museum's sculpture park mid summer.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

lines and angles

ok, so they all have triangles top right and obvious vertical lines- I guess that unifies this group, if unintentionally... going through the backlog of negs - 3 Yashica shots here and 1 Holga image. No Photoshop doctoring here - only scanning decisions, although I played with the Holga image a bit - intentionally scanning it very dark after recently being inspired by seeing some of James Fee's work for the first time (tried a light exposure, too, but it didn't have this impact)... Otherwise, the street shot is surely inspired by Wols similar photos that I've been revisiting after seeing them in an exhibition at the Busch Reisinger years ago and now going back and reading the catalog... The shot of the exceptionally ugly new CGIS building is perhaps a continuation of the linearity and geometry of my earlier posting of the fire escape shot. And, of course, happy fall... enjoy the colors!