Thursday, August 10, 2006


omphaloskepsis (contemplation of one's navel as an aid to meditation) is one of my favorite words (fenestration is another... but i digress), but the narcissism of the act gets to me. i feel like looking at one's own artwork is like that, though i am quite guilty of this self-interest, not only to continue searching for definition and themes, but for stirring of memories and the inherent reflection about where i am and where i've been. please enjoy this selection of my Holga photography from the past few years, and contact me with any comments, suggestions, questions, desires to see more, or to purchase prints!

i would like to thank my amigo dan goldberg heartily and warmly for the invitation to appear on as a special guest, which initiated this exhibition, and would invite you to listen to our interview and my music there.

thanks for looking and listening!

former signage, arlington, ma (2005)

heidelberg nexscan 4100 scanner (2005)

alison picking/tree devouring, sarasota, fl (2003)

timed fire drill, cambridge, ma (2006)

wheelchair, chelsea, ma (2003)

alley door, cambridge, ma (2003)

emotional portrait of a house's interior life, arlington, ma (2005)

pelican, sarasota, fl (2003)

fall raking, arlington, ma (2005)

memory: where dad died, underhill, vt (2003)

One Last Thing