Wednesday, April 26, 2006



this old favorite still tickles a special place in my brain every time. I get the same feelings of tingles and energy as when PK and I composed, recorded and manipulated it. Many, many fond memories of it's inception. (Samples include Stephane Grappelli, Morris Day, Meatball Fulton, and the BBC. Special thanks to DG for those little Radio Shack speakers I picked up from you.) I learned huge amounts with this piece, and am thankful to PK and the Red Sun Soundroom for the encouragement, pushing what could be done at the time, and the quality. I promise to post something more calm and soothing from my vaults in the near future...


Blogger Peter Koniuto said...

I'm digging the Holga pieces very much. I look forward to more! There is a unique chemistry between the workings of that machine and the AK eye.

Re Khatanga: Is this the mastered version? If no, i can send that to you. This tune features one of my favorite guitar solos ever, on anything.

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